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Looking to create a private oasis in your backyard? Whether you want to shield your outdoor space from prying eyes, reduce noise pollution, or simply enjoy some solitude, planting fast-growing native trees can be an effective and environmentally friendly solution. In this blog, we will explore five native Australian trees – Lilly Pilly, Bottlebrush, River Wattle, Brush Cherry and Queensland Blue Gum – which will not only provide privacy but also add beauty and biodiversity to your outdoor environment.

Fast Growing Tress For Privacy in Australia

1. Lilly Pilly

Lilly Pilly trees are a popular choice for backyard privacy due to their fast growth and dense foliage. These versatile trees come in various species and feature glossy leaves, attractive flowers, and edible berries that attract birds. Planting a row of Lilly Pillies creates an effective privacy screen, forming a lush green wall around your backyard. Additionally, they are relatively low maintenance and can thrive in a variety of soil types, making them ideal for Australian gardens.

2. Bottlebrush

Known for their vibrant, brush-like flowers, Bottlebrush trees are another fantastic option for privacy in your backyard. They grow quickly and can reach an impressive height of up to five metres, forming a dense foliage that blocks unwanted views effectively. The distinctive bottlebrush-shaped flowers attract nectar-feeding birds, adding a touch of colour and life to your garden. Bottlebrush trees are hardy and adaptable to different soil types, making them a reliable choice for Aussie homes and other kinds of dwellings – a way to seek privacy with a touch of native beauty.

3. River Wattle

If you’re looking for a tree with a graceful and elegant appearance, the River Wattle fits the bill perfectly. With its weeping habit and fine foliage, this native Australian tree adds a touch of sophistication to any backyard. Although not as tall as some other options, the River Wattle is an excellent choice for creating a privacy screen or as an ornamental feature in smaller yards. Its lush green foliage and soft yellow flowers provide an attractive backdrop while ensuring your backyard remains secluded.

4. Bush Cherry

The Brush Cherry,, is a versatile and fast-growing tree that makes an excellent privacy screen. With its dense growth habit and glossy leaves, it creates a solid barrier that effectively shields your outdoor space from neighbouring eyes. The Brush Cherry also produces clusters of small white flowers, followed by edible red berries that attract a variety of bird species. This tree thrives in a range of soil types and is well-suited to Australian climates, making it a reliable choice for privacy seekers.

5. Queensland Blue Gum

The Queensland Blue Gum is a majestic native Australian tree that not only offers privacy but also adds a touch of grandeur to your backyard. Known for its impressive height and blue-grey foliage, it creates a striking visual impact while ensuring your privacy needs are met. This fast-growing tree is suitable for larger properties where it can reach its full potential. The Queensland Blue Gum is also renowned for its hardiness and ability to adapt to various soil types, making it an excellent choice for homeowners looking for privacy trees with native charm.

When it comes to creating backyard privacy, native Australian trees offer an ideal solution that combines functionality and beauty. The Lilly Pilly, Bottlebrush, River Wattle, Brush Cherry, and Queensland Blue Gum are five fast-growing options that not only provide privacy but also add a beautiful look and feel to an outdoor space. Plus, by choosing native trees to help with privacy, you’re also helping to support the local ecosystem and attract native wildlife to your garden. With these great choices, you can plant a row of privacy trees, sit back, relax and enjoy your own private garden oasis!

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